Cookie policy

Our Website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") uses the technology called "cookie," which allows us to obtain information about its usage, to guarantee its proper operation and to improve user interaction. By storing all the relative data in the memory of your PC, they positively affect the correct and fast operation of websites.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that contain information used by your Internet browser. Data is saved in a separate folder located in the memory of your PC or mobile device. Cookies do not contain confidential information about users, about the device on which they are stored; they are necessary only for the correct functioning of the Website.

Cookies have various functions; we can highlight the following ones: collect information about user preferences and remember it, facilitate work with the Website as a whole, by individualizing the content, and increasing its usefulness to visitors.

We use the global variable Cookie and jQuery Cookie.

How many cookies are stored on my device?

All cookies can be divided into two types:

Session files. They are stored in memory just during the transition to the Website and are deleted at the end of this session (that is, immediately after a user leaves the Website).

Permanent files. They are saved in the device even after closing the tab with the Website in your browser and are deleted on a specific date or after a certain period of time. Such files can be used to re-enter data in repeated sessions to track the effectiveness of advertising.

Information sharing

Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics technologies are used to analyze the behavior of visitors on this Website. Thanks to them, it becomes possible to collect anonymous data, which are used in the future for marketing purposes only. Cookies are used to store such information.

Browser cookie settings

Your Internet browser is responsible for the setting and storage of cookies. You can make file settings at any time. For those who face this for the first time, there is a help button in each browser containing answers to various questions in detail (including questions about the settings of cookies).

Users may withdraw their consent to the data processing in accordance with the cookie policy at any time. In order to do this, delete the cookies stored on your computer or mobile device using the settings of your Internet browser.

By continuing using our Website, you agree to store cookie file on your device. If you have decided to refuse our cookies, we cannot guarantee that your visit to our Website will be as successful as in the case of receiving cookies.

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