Roman Karakurkchi


The founder of the GRS Training Center and the instructor of different courses on engraving and stone setting. Roman started to learn goldsmiths skills at the age of 13, after, have gotten a higher art education, and then successfully mastered the profession of a jewellery technologist. More than 10 years he was engaged in optimization of jewellery production processes. In 2014 he opened the first and the one GRS Training Center in Russia, inviting the leading masters from Europe and the USA. In 2016 he finished successfully course classical Italian engraving and Bulino at the famous Italian school Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School & Academy. In 2017 he took part at the Grand Master’s program of the famous American jewellery school GRS Training Center (Emporia, USA).

Our teachers are true professionals in their field, who have already trained more than 350 specialists from different regions of Russia, CIS countries and neighboring countries, Canada, Nigeria, Peru, China and European countries.



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